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Friday, February 06, 2004


What to even say? a more than full day of hard physical labor. I forget to eat. It's a good think I had a good breakfast at the cafe. then I just ate a lot of mexican pastries all day and drank juice.

The tack board is all gone... the nails and staples are all gone. I am a hard worker! I don't stop! My hands ache and I kind of lost my grip strength. My feet are especially achy and oddly my toes too as I kept kicking the crowbar to get it under the boards. Virtue! Work! Work! Work! (I am channelling Rook's mom who likes to talk like that, usually thusly: "Panic! Panic! Panic! Work! Work! Aunt Beezlebub would not approve of WASTE. So we must not WASTE this wine! *drinks the dregs of someone else's wine glass*")

I swept and mopped too. And washed all the trim and baseboards.

Picked up Moomin at 4... he was all happy and perky and had made a picture of a giraffe done by painting your hand and arm... like making a turkey picture... butwith the arm being the neck and the fingers, the feet. Then, brown spotty finger marks for the giraffe spots. o man.. All the kids had made giraffes... all nibbling the treetops...

Moomin's "Plan" generated in the car... We will go home. Eat dinner. Read a book. Watch a video. Go to the new house. This was all done in the proper order. As we left the house I had a sudden brainwave that in an empty house with clean wooden floors, one should bring SUPERBALLS. He bounced superballs all over the empty house as I talked to the previous owners and the contractor dude. Home. Feet up for 1/2 hour. Back to the house with Val and her Equipment to discuss, obsess, power-sand, hand-sand, TSP, rinse, and spackle.

*pant pant pant*

I would like some heavy barbiturates or muscle relaxants now, please!

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