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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hey, wait a minute

I just realized that no one has massaged me today. What the heck? How could this have happened? Cruel world! I shall now pop a sleeping pill and long for a magic fingers hotel bed.

Reading this week: Wings of M@dness was just great. I am in love with S@ntos-Dumont. In conspiracy theory mode, I decided that he was really his own older sister who supposedly died. Really it was the younger brother who died and the "dead" older sister took his place as she wanted to become a mad inventor and aeronaut. The family co-operated. He was driven to madness by his desire to reveal his biological gender for the honor of womanhood. The relic inside the jar with his heart in it maybe has his ovaries too. Or, maybe he was just short, girly, and liked embroidery.

Rook has finally come home from his new game, looking oddly handsome and very excited over the successful J@mes Bondiness of it. I notice that he is NOT covered in paint and in fact doesn't look at all painty. I came out of the day with yellow, blue, orange, and purple pants, shirt, hair, and skin. My hands and arms have little cuts all over them. I hope Moomin takes after him not me in this.

"How is it that you don't have any paint on you?" I just asked... he's still chortling in a repugnant and superior manner. Hrmph.

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