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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Nothing sucks like a Badgerbag!

advertising slogan generator - strangely amusing.

Generalissima Val (Pan Val?) has mustered us up and whipped us into a crack sanding and painting crew. Once I had finished sanding and painting my crack I kind of wondered why I had listened to her. ahahaha... The kitchen is a virulent parrot-wing yellow and a corresponding bright blue with purple trim to be added tomorrow. I am feeling uncertain about the "jalapeno red" which looks more like orange terracotta than I had hoped but it might dry much darker.

Following B@rak's advice I did try to match the paint chips to my hair but it was quite difficult and some paint store guys snickered at me.

I painted the insides of the ugly beige melamine cabinets in a manner that I felt perfectly expressed my usual joie de vivre. Rook and Val and my mom, when they turned around and noticed what I had been doing, seemed speechlessly appalled. Their mouths hung open. Rook started going "Whaaaaaa... what... why.. Look! Look? Why? Why? What the!" and Val simultaneously began explaining something in micro managerial expert detail about edge rollers and my mom just went BAAAAAAAaaaaaaadgerrrrrrrrrrrrrr! with a huge sigh as if I had brought home a sick kitten. "What? It's fine! It's cheerful! It's just the back of the cabinets! It doesn't matter if it goes up a little onto the shelves and the inside cabinet tops! No one will notice and there will be, you know, all sorts of crap in there... And it expresses spontaneous, joyous abandon..." and as I said the words "spontaneous joyous abandon" flinging my arms in the air joyously and persuasively, I stepped in a large tray of dark blue paint and flipped it over onto the hardwood floor...

I was booted out of there and Rook darkly and grimly mentioned Mr. Toad a few times. That is how I know that I have gone over the line, way over, and had better behave!

Tomorrow: More painting. I will stick to taping and perhaps will apply some joyous abandon to an ugly white cabinet which I will take outside to torment. Then I will prune some bushes and haul loads of of trash to the dump. The real painting will be done by the crack team! and it will look lovely!

Moomin spent all morning painting a large wooden box. All afternoon he played quietly on the floor with toys. i bet he will remember this day and the rest of the move. A major event and he's old enough to remember things now.

the painter guys doing Pilot and acrobat's house in the back were laughing at us. they are mayan, from the yucatan. i think they are more comfortable in english than in spanish. I wish that I could tell this from people's accents. I'll ask them how to tell tomorrow.

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