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Saturday, February 07, 2004


I'm reading one of my mom's r3gency romances - oh so trashy! Oh so enjoyable! and one of the minor characters is named Lady Badgerly. She has an ample bosom and hosts poetry readings. Eyes flash. Pelisses are donned. Curricles nearly overturn. Hurrah!

Why does one always "don" a pelisse?

I am only mildly unsettled by Mama Hemulen's insistence that I do everything completely differently in the house and move and in general in my whole life. "Did you ever think... that maybe your life would be EASIER without all this... STUFF?" Dude! no that never occurred to me....

However it is just fine to have the wonderful loads of attention for Moomin and the dishes all washed and the floor swept and the counter meticulously ajaxed. How does she do it? All I know is, if it's not done exactly right, it bothers her terribly. So she just does it herself. I feel a surge of gratitude towards the universe that I have no such neurosis and can live with dishes in the sink. And how did she do this after bazillion hour plane ride, with a minor cold, and painting all day? how? Is she inhuman? I caught her smoking and coughing outside the garage. I wish she would really, really, for real quit smoking. Poss. I will suggest that did it ever occur to her that she might not see Moomin grow up if she doesn't fucking quit smoking? Well, did it? (of course it has but she needs a cruel taste of her own medicine)

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