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Monday, February 09, 2004

war and peace

All has gone well today. We painted peacefully together. I found guys to refinish the floors. Hurrah. My mom has been trying hard to restrain herself from commenting negatively. We might have had one moment where I snapped "shut up!" in a half-joking way. and another at lunch where she said "I know you dont' want to hear this or think about it but..." and I told her to stop right there. But she went on anyway to mention that I have a lot of stuff and should get rid of it. Is that "little mention" number ... 10? or 100? in the last few days?

I yelled at her for smoking a few more times. I had not realized this but she recently went on w3llbutr1n in an attempt to quit. you know. she is also on high blood pressure meds. WTF. quit smoking you dumb uptight wench! god! every time I see her she has "just quit" or is just about to quit.

Just now I really enjoyed the Worm Show given on the school lawn by Iz. "Next time, we will have a show all about creatures that pollinate."

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